Build and Bridge

Helping shape an idea into a brand with a compelling mobile responsive experience

Founder Dr. Joshua Paul approach us about doing a website for his non profit organization, Build and Bridge, Inc. — an organization with “the initiative to empower the people of Haiti and to facilitate economic growth and stability by providing education and training relevant to the needs of each community.”

Look & Feel Requirements

Josh described his ideal site as clean, modern, mobile-responsive, inviting, easy to navigate — with clear — straight to the point content reflecting the message of Build and Bridge, Inc.

Final Build

The final design was one that scales down to mobile devices, featuring rich lively colors that embodies the hope of a bright future that Build and Bridge seeks to diliver through its various projects.


The primary focus when laying out the site was in making sure that visitors to the site could access the most crucial information. Whether someone wants to donate funds, volunteer their time, or get updates on latest projects – it has to be easy to get to. We worked with B&B to create content focused on driving traffic to their site, and present it in a way that makes it easier for viewers to engage directly.

Various calls to action give visitors the opportunity to dig deep and learn more about the ways they can contribute, and help mobilize teams that will help Build and Bridge build sustaining communities. Viewers can further dive into each of their projects, catch up on news from trips, and get involved as individuals.

Final Results

We were able to provide Build and Bridge, Inc with a brand, style-guide and a marketing strategy: which led to more frequent email subscribers. Today, Build and Bridge uses their website not only to collect funds and volunteers, but also to present their agenda to executives and those looking to partner and join the initiative.


Anderson, SC