The Venue at Renfrew

Less is More

When Joan approached us about a redesign (for a site that was built using a music content management system), we agreed early on that the redesign would center around a major reduction in the amount of copy on the site. The goal for the new site would be a more concise structure with a clearer distinction between her venue, and that of others. It had to be eye catchy, modern, and should communicate what her venue had to offer to prospective clients.

Look & Feel Requirements

Joan described her ideal site as clean, friendly, inviting, easy to navigate — with clear — straight to the point content.

The Gallery

One of the major requirements for this project was the gallery page. Built with the assistance of jQuery, PHP, and MySQL the gallery allows viewers to see past events taken place at The Venue.


Information Architecture, Design, HTML & CSS, jQuery, Content Management


Anderson, SC