CosmoInteractive, LLC is a Greenville, South Carolina-based technology company that develops cloud-based software solutions to help businesses and entrepreneurs create fast and secure web applications.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build lasting partnerships and to engineer highly usable products that move your business forward.

Company Overview

CosmoInteractive was founded in 2016 to help small businesses and entrepreneurs establish an online presence. At the time, the company designed and built bespoke websites using WordPress and PageStudioCMS - an in-house developed Content Management System (CMS). However, with the rise in demand for DIY drag-and-drop website builders, the company shifted focus towards the in-house CMS, enhancing the user experience and growing the software into a feature-rich cloud platform.

Today, CosmoInteractive, LLC primarily develops cloud-based software solutions that help small businesses and entrepreneurs quickly get their products and ideas to their audience. In addition, the company continues to maintain and develop new features for PageStudioCMS.com.

Contact us to learn how we can you help launch new ideas, research and implement new strategies, or optimize and scale existing tech solutions. 



PageStudioCMS - a web content publishing platform with beautiful website templates and straightforward designer tools that make it easy for anyone to design, build and maintain websites visually. Look like a professional. Present ideas and products to audiences quickly.

We Are Here To Help

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